Wednesday, December 21, 2011

bits and pieces

Here are a few little diddies i've done in the past few days. enjoy.

first up is an iron giant tribute. I saw MI:4 last night and enjoyed the storytelling very much, even if the plot was a little... lacking and "codes" heavy. Simon Peg's fantastic as usual and IMAX is the way to see it if you can. Here's my tribute to Mr. Bird's first Feature Film, the animated Classic The Iron Giant. If' you've never seen this flick, then do yourself a favor and rent it! you will not be disappointed.

Next is a little fun piece i did of charles Xavier a few weeks back, this is bonus art for a friend's gift. Whenever i'm really late on sending off a gift to a friend, I always like to make up for the delay with a free piece of bonus art. usually something weird, or humorous. this is both weird in technique and in tone. Old Chuck's got a way with the ladies alright!

Finally i have a fun little guy i did real quick tonight for a friend. She doesn't know she's getting this piece yet, I texted her to send me a text with an Animal and a Profession. She replied: "Giraffe Mechanic" And well this is what she got.

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