Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So this is a work in progress. i started this a long long time ago. i went through a jesus phase, kinda like when teenage girls get into black and white photography and start taking pictures of streetlamps, and their feet...i turned to the lord for inspiration.

this was a super jesus. fresh from the cross, and superpowered by the lord. energy blasts that burn off his skin. this is how judgement day'll look. empowered. bad ass. and firing lazers from his stigmata.

i might make this into a painting. havent decided yet. do a full on michelangelo rennaisance painting of superjesus coming back at rapture like a giant anime robot.

below is another quick marker sketch i did of Him, with a halo that looks like 50's hairdryer, and the coke can is kind of a pop-art reff. or i only had black red and yellow markers that day. either way i like it. this was always going to be a painting. still will be. as soon as i get some space/canvas/paints and time. soon butterflies. soon.

Finally, here's a little bit of Chris Ouellette Nostalgia. if you ever visited my bedroom growing up, you would've seen this little X-men/Early 90's cliche/blatant rip-off, proudly displayed behind my bedroom door. the name of the group was Z-Tron. i know... so bad, but i still like this one though. Don't be surprised if this gang shows up in something soon!

Not bad for an 11 year old. i always used to draw guys with snake legs, cus i didn't like drawing feet. this poster is on my wall now, reminds me of my humble beginnings.

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