Tuesday, February 8, 2011

back with some new jazz...

I took some time away. got my scanner and photoshop all up and running. ready to share again. i've also been consuming a lot of art. filling the well if you will.

this is a piece i'd been tinkering with for a while now. finally finished it on my sabbatical. the brushstroke look was created using a Pigma Micron brush pen. the color is just marker both prismacolor and good olde crayola washables. the detail is a mix of a couple different finer pointed pens. mostly Microns 01, 03 and .005

Now, the Inspiration for this piece is in the borders. This is a tribute to one of my favorite jazz musicians and top top all around artists of all time. Don Ellis (died in 1978 at age 44) was a trumpet genius who broke open Hard Bop jazz, and even brought his absurd time signatures and zongo-orchestra machinations to the masses with his soundtrack to The French Connection. But i love him for his big band.
Electric Bath is a gem, and specifically the song i featured: Indian Lady is a mad cap romp through time and space, color and sound. find it free online or buy it on itunes. it'll be worth it. if you're a writer, artist, dancer or director; this track will be the soundtrack to your next few days. its a muse. don't believe me? just look at what i drew out of it.

Also he played a 4 valve trumpet, which allowed him to flow easier through quarter tones. it sounds like meteor-butter ripping through the upper atmosphere.

dude rocked.
Anyway. enjoy the art and music.