Monday, October 11, 2010

portfolio 004

Below is a photo shopped version of the half wing below.

This one below i called: "Ornithopter" which to da vinci fans, is a man made wing/hang glider contraption. like the things Icarus used. i did this piece (which if memory serves is about 11" x 17") for a Stoked Mentoring Art Auction.

Here we have another kids book test. i call him Phillip Seymour Monster

This is a gal from a pinup phase i went through. I took the goddess Shiva and tarted her up a bit. I think i kept a bit of grace and beauty alive in it though. this is done with acrylic and watercolor on some cool beige paper i wish i had more of.

Another Da Vinci-inspired piece. i was experimenting with pen and ink on watercolor paper, then i'd flip the drawing around, blankside to the viewer and light it from behind. you can see my thumb on the left hand side of the pic. also i used the fractal-spiral thing from da vinci and i think with the backlit paper it gives a feel of one of the man's notebooks. This is called Eve and Slime guy. its portraying Eve post-apple and what knowledge does to her attitude towards him and i guess i felt like depicting Adam or Satan as a giant blacktar-penis demon.

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