Monday, October 11, 2010

portfolio 006

This is a little abstraction that i did as a birthday present for my friend Stephanie. I showed it at my Gallery Show "Million Charge" Last January 2010, at the La MaMa La Galleria. Acrylic on canvas. 2' x 1.5'

Below we have my first venture into spraypaint. i was inspired by Japanese wave watercolors. this one's pretty tall, like 7 feet high. also the moon and some of the snow glows in the dark.

This is a new girl done with spray paint on plywood. her jewelry and body glows in the dark as well. i painted this on the same day Lindsey Lohan "blew" her parole a couple weeks ago.

Detail of SprayGirl

yet another detail.

portfolio 005

Below we have the lovely Jean Grey From X-Men (all rights reserved to Marvel LLC), I drew her in her classic Phoenix costume, with a few ouellettifications: mainly i streamlined the phoenix logo on her chest and decided to make her sash/belt bird a little clunky. I wanted to make her body and costume/hair seem alive, she is the worlds most powerful telepath and telekinetic so i liked the idea of her constantly expressing her mood or stray thoughts through her hair and wardrobe. i wanted her to crackle with energy and potential danger. i only regret making her left wrist so skinny. live and learn.

Next up is "Spotlight Girl" i went through a period where i took some construction paper, and would loosely attack it with some Prismacolor/crayola markers. then i'd go in afterwards with a Micron pen and excavate a more detailed and controlled drawing. i was very inspired by Toulouse Lautrec the great french bobo-moulin rouge poster artist. i think his influence is pretty obvious in some of these. also Klimt and Schiele were on my mind. all three men had great beards.

below is called "HannaBarberraBondage" due to the cartoon characters hidden throughout. they were not intentional when i initially did this in marker, but appeared as i inked it.

This is my more overt Lautrec homage. if i ever open a restaurant, i'd use something like his as the menu illustration.

Another Pinup. this time as more of a Communist Propaganda Geisha. done with acrylic and watercolor, i like her jade skin and her face a lot. this is one of those pieces that feels removed from me; i feel like someone else did it. I would want this if i didn't draw it is what i'm saying.

portfolio 004

Below is a photo shopped version of the half wing below.

This one below i called: "Ornithopter" which to da vinci fans, is a man made wing/hang glider contraption. like the things Icarus used. i did this piece (which if memory serves is about 11" x 17") for a Stoked Mentoring Art Auction.

Here we have another kids book test. i call him Phillip Seymour Monster

This is a gal from a pinup phase i went through. I took the goddess Shiva and tarted her up a bit. I think i kept a bit of grace and beauty alive in it though. this is done with acrylic and watercolor on some cool beige paper i wish i had more of.

Another Da Vinci-inspired piece. i was experimenting with pen and ink on watercolor paper, then i'd flip the drawing around, blankside to the viewer and light it from behind. you can see my thumb on the left hand side of the pic. also i used the fractal-spiral thing from da vinci and i think with the backlit paper it gives a feel of one of the man's notebooks. This is called Eve and Slime guy. its portraying Eve post-apple and what knowledge does to her attitude towards him and i guess i felt like depicting Adam or Satan as a giant blacktar-penis demon.

Friday, October 8, 2010

portfolio 003

another kids book yellow guy test.
poster for Matt Rudnicki and Meowskers.

Eve and Adam for Matt Mangs.

A norman Rockwell homage.

kids with hose.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

portfolio 002

Late Night Menu for HENRY'S Restaurant. 105th street and Broadway.
"Salt" inspired by Lott's wife turning into the pillar of salt...from the bible. duh...

A modified version of an original comic by Chris Mancuso and myself. i took out some of the words to showcase the visual storytellig more.

"octoheiress" part of some tests for a possible kids book

The Antagonist Art Movement had a group show a couple years back. the theme was New York Underwater. Most people did post global warming-type stuff. statue of liberty's torch emerging from the ocean at the wrist. etc. this is what i did. i think a tattoo artist bought it.

portfolio 001

above: "ventimuse"
"Arm of Ares (featuring coldplay)"

"Bust of Satan"

"Rodin Sex Tape"

I had a reality show audition recently; didn't get it. but that's a good thing. anyway, here's a sampling of my portfolio i put together for the casting. All of the characters/art is original. and below you'll find some more portfolio. enjoy.